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June 2011


Seminars "Rapid PCB Prototyping"
June 29th 2011 /
November 23rd 2011
Ostfildern, Germany

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Hardware: Circuit board plotter with upgrades

PCB Plotter LPKF ProtoMat S103LPKF continues its innovation efforts in PCB prototyping with the new ProtoMat series. The beginning of March saw a new version of the best known product group. The ProtoMat S-series circuit board plotters were completely revamped. All S-series ProtoMats include a stylish acoustic cabinet which reduces noise emissions while also enhancing safety.


Seminar: Modern Prototyping

Satisfied face at the TAE: the 2010 seminars “Rapid PCB Prototyping” covered all the steps from preparing CAD-Board designs to milling, drilling, through-hole plating, multilayer, solder resist, labeling, all the way to assembly and reflow soldering. Seminar participants had different backgrounds, some of them are already using LPKF equipment.


YouTube: Watch, don’t read

YouTube Search ResultFor years LPKF has been documenting efficient methods and steps for creating circuit board prototypes with videos. Illustrating a series of steps is easier with dynamic videos than would be possible with manuals.


Field reports: Prototyping in the field

Rapid PCB Prototyping Field ReportsSo what are others doing, and how? LPKF is starting a new series of field reports in which successful companies tell about their use of LPKF equipment and the challenges it solved.


Faces: New Team Leader

Product Manager for the entire prototyping lineJan van Aalst says “Thank you”, Lars Führmann says “Hello”. Lars Führmann (35) has been the Product Manager for the entire prototyping line since 2010, from ProtoMats to associated process all the way to ProtoLasers. Remaining loyal to LPKF and the ProtoMats, Jan van Aalst has accepted a new challenge developing new systems and methods.


Did you know?

Tool crib adjustment in the CircuitCAM softwarePractice tip: Large boreholes with a CircuitCAM tool
If a project has an unusually high number of bore diameters and the number of boreholes is low, diameters larger than two millimeters can be combined. Instead of using different drills the Contour Router 2.0 mm will simply be used. Making the necessary tool crib adjustment in the CircuitCam software takes only a few clicks.


Laser staking – a clean process

LQ-Spot systemThere are many options for securing components or assemblies. Screws, glue and rivets now have a competition with interesting features, laser-based staking.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
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